The Environmental Services Contractors Alliance (Hong Kong) has been set up since 2005. We hope, by the Alliance’s vigor, to promote unity among the practitioners, for the sake of the industry's long-term development and balance of interests of various parties. Since its establishment, members of the Alliance in addition to meeting regularly to review the operational conditions of the industry, also act as a communication bridge for the practitioners. When the need arises, the Alliance often would arrange to meet with related Government departments and organizations to reflect our opinions and the operating problems that the industry might encounter if the Government proceeds to implement a certain policy, so as to enable the Government to have better understanding of the industry's culture and operations.

The Alliance has laid down for the industry its common objectives, namely, to unite the power of the industry; to improve the operating and employment environment for both the management and the labour, to enhance the professional standards of the industry; to promote the social status of the industry, and to enable the practitioners to obtain reasonable returns and to live in peace and enjoy their work.

Our motivation comes from the industry’s support. Practitioners are urged to actively participate in the Alliance’s activities and provide valuable opinions. As the saying goes – unity of will is an impregnable stronghold. Let us work together for the industry to create a better tomorrow.

Catherine Yan
Environmental Services Contractors Alliance (Hong Kong)